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“Care giving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible.”

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Welcome to A Devine Companion

Every senior goes through a different set of challenges. It is for this reason that we personalize the care we provide while making sure that its quality stays consistent throughout the care plan of our clients. This combination of care is only possible through years of experience; something that we have gained as caregivers of 20+ years.

This expertise gained through years of experience, along with other key factors such as personalized services, skilled and compassionate caregivers, and a flexible care plan, is how we are confident in our promise that, with your elderly loved ones in our care, they will be:

  • Compatible with the caregiver assigned to them
  • Provided with services that are continuously modified according to the progress they make throughout the duration of their care plan
  • Provided with options in managing their payments and offered the lowest-possible price for the services they acquire
    We service Central Florida East to West coast. We accept private pay and Medicaid.


A Devine Companion Inc was started a couple of year ago. I have been a Certified Nursing Assistant since 2001. I have worked in various settings such as nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals, and in home. My favorite is in home care. I have watched clients appear 100% more happy and comfortable in their own homes versus a facility, no matter how nice. Most of our clients have lived in their homes for years, why move them out if it is not needed? I decided that I had worked for other companies long enough, and I needed to start my own agency to make sure that I am able to help as many people as possible. I want family members to not worry, to sleep well knowing that their loved one is in good hands when they are out and about. I want my clients to know that age does not take away their voice and that is why we will always know that we are guests in their home while assisting them.

I have a heart full of compassion for the elderly and disabled. I will always put their best interest above all else.

Bill Gates said it best:

“Never put someone in a management position if they have never done the work.”

Nerrica Devine
Nerrica DevineOwner


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